10 Best Baby Travel Accessories

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Travelling anywhere with a baby will always require extra items to bring. From storage, meals, transportation, sleep, every single baby-related activity will have their own sets of products.

Due to the fragile and delicate nature of babies, you can’t just jimmy rig adult items for them. You have to be aware of the safety requirements and proper sizing of these items.

Here are 10 travel accessories that will make journeys with your babies much easier.

Diaper Bag

Anywhere you go with your baby, you would definitely need a proper diaper bag to stuff all your baby’s items. Milk bottles, spare clothes, lotions, changing mats… all these would be too much to stuff in a normal backpack.

These travel diaper bags have many compartments to store your baby’s essential needs.

It also comes with a changing mat to make it easy for you to changed your baby’s diaper anywhere.

Travel Cot / Portacot

It’s hard to find hotel rooms or Airbnbs that cater for babies. That’s why you need a portable cot that you can easily bring with you on your trips.

These portacots are lightweight and easy to assemble. Unlike most portacots, these fold up to a size of a normal briefcase.

It is suitable for use from 0-3 years.

Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair

Avoid the hassle of scrambling for a baby chair when you eat out a restaurant with this useful accessory.

It folds flat, making it easy to transport and store.

The grips are rubberised, leaving no mark on tables when you clip them on.

It also features a three point harness, ensuring your child is securely fastened in the seat.

Baby Sleeping Bag

Get your baby to sleep comfortable wherever you go.

This sleeping bag eliminates the need for loose blankets in the cot which means less things to pack and also safer for the crib.

It is made of breathable cotton muslin and protects from overheating.

Wireless Baby Monitor by HelloBaby

Chill out with the other adults and older kids while your baby is sleeping. 

This baby monitor comes with all the bells and whistles you need. From infrared night vision to monitor your baby in the dark, to temperature monitoring, you can rest easy without being physically close to your baby.

You also get two-way audio monitoring so both you and bub can be comforted by each others’ voices.

Hushh White Noise Machine

Most babies can’t sleep well in absolute silence, especially when it’s away from home. This nifty noise machine will let them go to sleep while being comforted by 3 types of sound that will filter out other noise. You can choose between bright white noise, deep white noise or gentle surf sound.

There is also a night light built in the machine to help you monitor your baby in the dark.

The machine is charged via USB, so you can put in the stroller and car seat.

Inflatable Nursing Pillow

Nursing moms would agree that a proper nursing pillow is one of the best accessories to have when breastfeeding. However, cotton or foam filled pillows are too big to be carried around when you’re travelling.

This highly rated inflatable nursing pillow deflates and folds into a size small enough to be stored in the diaper bag or purse.

The plastic buckle system ensures the pillow is secure and stable for your baby.

Maclaren Lightweight Stroller

Maclaren is a trusted name when it comes to strollers. This lightweight but durable unit is suitable for babies 6 months and up, has oversized wheels for stability on uneven surface and it folds flat in 5 seconds.

It has multiple reclining positions to let your baby rest comfortably on long walks.

You might miss your full sized stroller, but when you’re travelling,   nothing can beat a portable unit which is easy to store.

Infantino Convertible Baby Carrier

With 4 ways to carry your baby, you can rely on this carrier on your trips without taking a stroller.

It is suitable for babies weighing 3.6 to 14.5 kg, giving you plenty of use before your baby gets too big.

You can adjust the seat, leg openings, straps and waist belt to fit you and your baby comfortably.

Inflatable Baby Bath Tub by Portonss

No more bathing babies in the sink on your trips! With this inflatable tub, you can give your baby a proper bath even when there’s no sink large enough in the bathroom or a bathtub.

It features a pocket to store small items such as baby soap and shampoo.

It conveniently folds into a compact form making it easy for you to store and transport.

The soft walls and floor ensures your delicate baby is protected from knocking into hard surface.

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10 Best Baby Travel Accessories

Travelling anywhere with a baby will always require extra items to bring. From storage, meals, transportation, sleep, every single baby-related activity will

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