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Whether you realise it or not, we are carrying more things with us than ever before. As electronics and gadgets become smaller and travel essentials gets produced in tiny travel sized packs, it gets easier for all these things to be sucked into your bottomless backpacks and luggage bags. Just when you need them, they seem to be nowhere to find.

The best way to continue carrying all the things you need while keeping them separated and accessible is to utilise travel organisers. They come in many form, depending on the items that you plan to store.

Passport and Document Holders

Passport and travel document holder

Without a doubt, these are the most important things to carry on a trip. Losing your camera or laptop is horrible, but nothing could be worse than losing your travel documents on an overseas holiday.

These passport holders are usually small and easily carried or hidden at the bottom of your backpack. They store your travel and identification documents as well as credit cards and cash. Some of them even have hidden compartments to store your emergency money.

As everything moves into the digital age, you can get document holders with RFID blocking features. This is really useful to prevent any unauthorised usage of your contactless cards.

This awesome travel document holder is great for families. It holds up to 4 passports, several credit cards, boarding passes, cash and even your phone!

Cube Organisers

AIZBO travel packing cubes organiser

These nifty cubes neatly organise your whole luggage bag by compartmentalising your space into sections according to the type, size or owners of the clothing articles.

In addition to separating different groups of items, they also increase the number of clothes that you can fit in your luggage because you will tend to fold and pack clothes more efficiently when placing them in the cubes.

In our family of 5, we can easily combine all members’ clothing in one big luggage. When we get to the destination, we’ll hand the older kids their own organiser cubes to take care of during the whole trip. At the end of the trip, they’ll just pack all their used clothes back into the cubes.

This set of 7 packing cubes by AIZBO is the perfect solution to organise your whole luggage. It contains seperate bags for your clothes, underwear, digital accessories, toiletries and shoes!

Toiletry Organisers

Toiletries organiser

We used to put all our toiletries in a single plastic bag when we go travelling. You can imagine how it is… wet, slimy and messy. And sometimes these bags leak, making a mess of everything surrounding them in our bag.

Once we started using toiletry organisers, we no longer have to deal with that problem. Also, our hotel bathroom is kept neat & tidy throughout our stay.

You can also leave a set of your travel sized toiletries in the organiser when you’re home, and just stuff it in when you’re leaving for your trip. No more last minute scuttles looking for your missing deodorant!

These awesome organisers usually come with hooks and holders to attach them to a towel rack or something similar.

Gadgets & Electronics Organisers

Phones, tablets, cables, chargers… the list goes on. Multiply them with the number of people in your travel party and you’ve got a bucketful of items which are fragile and easily tangled.

These organisers commonly have pockets for different sized devices and compartments for cables and chargers.

They also come in a limitless number of configurations to cater for the assortment of gadgets that you may have.

Good gadget organisers like these ProCase ones can be folded or rolled up to occupy as little space as possible in your backpack while keeping everything easily accessible.

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