The Best Packing List For Any Trip

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Without proper planning, packing for a trip can be a really stressful experience. It gets worse the closer you are to your planned departure and procrastinating will almost certainly wreak havoc on your travel plans.

Make sure you match the packing list with the type of travel you’re going for. You don’t want to bring the wrong set of stuff for the wrong occasion!

Bags and Luggage

Old luggage bags stacked together

Choosing proper luggage options based on your travel situation is really important, as it will affect your mobility and amount of things that you can bring.


A backpack is the most convenient storage system you can have, if you’re not carrying too much things. You can stuff a days’ worth of essential items while keeping both your arms free.

Daypacks are a popular type of backpack, especially if there’s going to be a lot of walking involved. They usually have dedicated compartments for water bottles, easy access pockets and advanced hip or chest buckles. There are many sizes to choose from, so pick one that suits your gear.

Duffel Bag

Brown canvas duffel bag on the floor

You know these bags… they’re usually used by bank robbers to stuff money in heist movies. Usually made of fabric, they can be folded or rolled into a really small size making it easy to stuff it in your luggage when not needed.

You can fill them with all the souvenir and trinkets that you’ve bought on your trip. What makes them so great is they’re flexible enough to be stuffed with last minute items right at the check in counter.

Rolling Luggage

If your destination mostly involve paved and flat surface, your life would be much easier with a rolling luggage with wheels. You can pack a lot of things in them while still being able to cover long distances on foot.

They usually have hard shells, so there’s extra protection for your fragile items.


Toiletries arranged on bathroom shelf

If you want to keep yourself clean and feeling fresh (and not disgust the people around you), pack enough toiletries. Essentially, you should have these items in your list:

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Deodorant or antiperspirant spray
  • Comb or brush
  • Facial wash & makeup remover
  • Soap, shampoo & conditioner
  • Mouthwash
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Lotion
  • Shaving kit
  • Grooming kit (nail clippers and file)
  • Toiletry bag

If you’re on any medication, make sure you bring enough to last you the whole trip. Invest in a good travel medicine bag and keep them organised. It would also help to bring any prescription notes you have, in case you run out and would like to refill during your trip.

Travel Documents

Travel documents passport and boarding pass

Without a doubt, these are the most important items to bring on a trip.

  • Identification documents – National ID card, drivers license, student ID, etc.
  • Passports (for international travel)
  • Credit cards
  • Travellers’ cheques
  • Travel bookings & reservations – when out travelling, don’t assume that hotels & venues will accept electronic documents. Some places just insist that you have printed copies with you.
  • Trip itinerary
  • Printed travel tickets, boarding passes and other forms of transport
  • Details of contacts in case of emergencies. Make this readable and legible as much as possible!


Clothes jeans jumper and glasses

Pick and choose the clothes to bring based on where you’re going. It’s a good idea to pack some detergent so that you can do a bit of laundry for the light items and not bring too much clothes.

  • Underwear and undergarments
  • Comfortable socks
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts for trips to warm places
  • Sweaters & jumpers
  • Sleepwear
  • Swimsuits – if you’re going to spend time in the water
  • If there’s going to be formal activities, bring dress shirts, pants, belt, dress shoes and maybe suit
  • Raincoat or rain poncho


Phone camera headphones and other electronic gadgets
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Camera (or just rely on your phone) – You’d want to take snapshots of your trip!
  • Extra memory cards – It would really suck if your camera runs out of memory
  • Travel adaptor – Check the packaging to see if it supports the region you’re going to. Get a good one, some places have lax electrical wiring and might pose a risk to your expensive gadgets

Travel Security

Losing your stuff on a trip can be more frustrating than forgetting to bring them in the first place. Consider taking along these items to protect your belongings and give you a peace of mind.

Luggage travel lock

Protect your luggage from the moment you hand them over at the check in counter up to the point you collect them at the baggage carousel. You can choose ones with keys or combination codes.

Get high quality ones such as these to minimise the risk of them being forced open, or from accidental unlockings.

If you’re travelling to the United States, make sure your locks are TSA approved. These are locks which can be opened with a master key held by the authorities. If yours aren’t TSA-approved, you might end up with a damaged luggage when they try to force it open for inspection.

Money belt

Some places are teeming with pickpockets and bag snatchers on mopeds. You would want to keep your cash and travel documents somewhere safe where these incidents would not cause you grief on your trip.

Money belts come in many different forms. Some are literally belts with hidden compartments, and some are pouches that you wear underneath your clothes. They are all lightweight and discreet so you might even forget that you’re wearing one.

RFID blocking wallets

Even if you’ve thwarted snatch thieves and pickpockets, you’re still at risk of being targeted by more tech-savvy criminals. They use mobile card skimmers to scan your contactless credit cards and copy them to make clones.

This travel wallet also has several passport slots for the whole family. Depending on your country, your passport might also contain RFID chips that stores your personal identification and biometric data which can be used by criminals.

This is an ever-growing list which we will keep updating. If you’ve got something that you think should be in the packing list, drop us a line!

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