Travel Accessories For Road Trips With Kids

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Travelling with kids (especially young ones) can sometimes be tiring and frustrating. They cry, fight, annoy and sometimes make you want to drive off a cliff (please don’t!).

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of accessories to bring on your trip that will keep your little ones happy and your sanity intact. We will keep updating this list as we find more useful things to add. Read on…

Bluetooth headphones for kids

Kids nowadays are more in tune with the music world. They’ve got their own Spotify playlists and favourite Youtube Music channel. What better way to keep them occupied during a long road trip than letting them get lost in the sonic landscape. At least you don’t have to listen to tween pop stars blaring on the car stereo.

Most kids’ headphones feature noise limiters which usually cap the sound at around 85 decibels, which is enough to fully enjoy the music without damaging their eardrums. They’re also usually brightly designed, unlike dad’s boring monochrome cans.

Wireless bluetooth is a bonus. We now how messy and unkempt kids can be, so let’s not add tangled cables into the mix.

Girl wearing purple bluetooth headphones
This RockPapa headphones even has a microphone and call & volume buttons!

Headphone splitter

Synckwire headphone splitter with braided nylon shell

If you have more than one child but only one tablet or phone to watch movies, the sound from its speakers can be distracting for you. Get a 3.5mm headphone splitter and they can use their own headphones to enjoy while leaving the adults free to converse or listen to the radio.

Of course, this is assuming that they’re ok with watching or listening to the same things. If one wants to watch Frozen and the other wants Jurassic Park, then you’d have to deal with a screaming match instead.

This headphone splitter from Syncwire enables two people using their own earphones or headphones to share an audio source. It is nylon braided to keep it tangle free and gives it extra durability in case there’s a tug-of-war match going on with your kids.

Tablet mount / holder

iKross tablet holder for cars

On long road trips, it might be a little tiring for your kids to hold on to a full size tablet throughout a 1.5 hours movie. It’s worse if the tablet is shared with another child because it would need to be held at an angle that all of them can see the screen clearly.

With a tablet mounted on the back of the headrest, your vehicle becomes a mobile cinema for your kids. They can sit back like bosses and enjoy the business class in-car entertainment.

In-car movie systems used to cost a bomb, but now you can use your existing devices which typically has better screen resolution anyway. Paired with bluetooth headphones and a bag of popcorn, it will surely keep your child content for a few hours.

This iKross tablet holder fits devices from 7-10.2″. Its arm is designed to allow multiple viewing angles to cater for kids and adults of all sizes.


Books are the ultimate time sucking tools for kids to get lost in during a long trip.

Instead of having their eyes glued to electronic devices, they will rely on their imagination to stimulate their minds and expand their knowledge.

So instead of bugging you every second with “are we there yet” questions, they’ll be busy painting scenarios in their head.

Head pillow

We all know the sore neck you get from resting your head on the seat belt when you sleep in the car. If you’re old enough, you might remember a time when there are no seat belts to rest on.

Apart from the sore neck, kids might leave trails of snot and saliva on your seat belt and upholstery. To prevent neck discomfort while keeping your car clean, use a travel pillow which is both comfortable and durable. These travel pillows are specifically designed for kids ensuring a snug fit which provides a higher comfort level for in-car naps.

Some pillows even utilise memory foam for custom sculpting to the shape of your head which increases the comfort level tremendously.


SVBONY purple binoculars for kids

Kids binoculars are fairly cheap. While they don’t provide the kind of magnification that enables you to spot a bird from a kilometre away, They do let the kids enjoy the view during road trips a little bit more.

Driving through a forest might reveal koalas and other tree creatures, and a seemingly boring drive along a farm might be a good chance to look at different types of horses and cattles.

These binoculars typically have a magnification of 6-10x and are pretty lightweight due to the plastic lenses and body. They are also brightly coloured, so it’s easy to spot them on the ground when you’re packing to go home.

Card Games

There are countless card games to play on a road trip. Just go to any games shop in a mall and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just make sure you take notice of the ratings on them, some of the games are totally not suited for kids!

If you want to be safe, stick to time-honoured classics like UNO.

First Aid Kit

There’s no telling what’s going to happen on the road, so make sure you have a first aid kit with you.

This best seller first aid kit on Amazon is a comprehensive, compact and portable pack and comes with 210 items that you would want on your trip.

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