Winter Accessories for Beginners

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Winter holidays are yearly affairs for some people in Australia. But for the rest of us, they are very expensive and present a few logistical challenges.

Apart from lodging (assuming you’re staying overnight), the bulk of the costs goes to proper winter gear and accessories.

In this post we’ll try to list down the beginner’s essentials for you to enjoy your low temperature trip.


Ski jacket & pants

Ski jackets are vital in regulating your core body temperature. They also serve to keep you dry from melting snow. If you’ve never put one on before, you’ll be surprised at how snug and comfortable they make you feel in the snow.

You can get cheap ones from Aldi whenever they have their annual winter sale.

Long Johns / Innerwear

These are clothing that you wear under your shirt and pants. Despite their very thin fabric, they’re really effective in providing extra warmth to your body without the extra bulk of normal clothing.

The HEATTECH range from Uniqlo is really popular due to the excellent heat retention, comfort and price.


Without proper gloves, you’ll just spend your time in the snow with your hands in your ski jacket pockets. You won’t even be able to hold your phone and take photos for very long before your hands start to feel numb.

Similarly with jackets, you can get these at Aldi. They’re really comfortable, protecting your hands while being quite flexible.

Snow boots

We can’t stress the need for proper snow boots enough! These bulky, stiff footwear will keep you stable while walking in snow and prevent you from sliding on slippery ice and faceplanting like an idiot.

Doc Martens and Yeezys have no place in the snow. Get a proper pair of snow boots and walk around like a boss.

Beanies / scarves

Some people’s necks and ears are extra sensitive to the cold. For them, these accessories will provide extra comfort and warmth.

Scarves can also be used to cover the nose and mouth and protect you from stray snowballs in a fight.

To look extra cool, get a balaclava which covers your head except the eyes.

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